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Monday, October 08, 2012


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Barbara H.

The brownies sound great - love the orange rind twist. And I like the way you cut them - hope I can remember that tip.

Lisa at Greenbow

My mouth is watering. Mmmmm you had me with the first two ingredients of those brownies. Looks like you had a great time.

Linda Brazill

Barbara — For some reason, cutting them like that seems to surprise people and they act like its a fancy dessert. They are the quickest easiest recipe I know!

Lisa — Have to say I was really taken with the Irish coffee recipe. Even though its more work they were great.

Curt Heuer

I think you need to do a post on your tins. These two are just great.



The treats sound tasty and the presentation (tins and a red platter!) is spot on. It sounds like a wonderful party!


I made these over the weekend and they are delish!!! Thank you for sharing. I also love your tins, very neat. It makes me want to start a collection of my own.

Curt Heuer

Curt made your brownies last week and we took them to movie night at friend's house. Yum.

Linda Brazill

J — The best thing about the brownies is that they are so quick and easy. Why bother with a mix when you can do this version!

Kelly — Definitely more fun to store baked goods in tins than in Tupperware!

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