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Sunday, September 16, 2012


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Two of my favorite foliage plants! I need to get more of both. I've seen great swathes of the Vancouveria here at gardens in the PNW.

Curt Heuer

The Vancouver Fern is wonderful. Is it easy to find in nurseries? And probably needs a real shady area.


What I love about maidenhair fern are those wiry, black stems. Would you believe that it grows well here in Austin too? -- so long as it's on the moist edge of a stream or shady, dripping cliff edge.

Linda Brazill

Curt and Jeanne — I bought it mail order a long time ago but local gardeners tell me it is not too hard to find. It gets some morning sun.

Linda Brazill

Pam — Since my maidenhair has been doing pretty well with the drought, I am not surprised to hear you can grow it with some moisture in Texas.

Julie Siegel

The world is small: I saw the Himalayan Maidenhair Fern at a former client's on Sunday! He is a fern collector & great gardener so you are in good company.

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