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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


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Barbara H.

Ha! This is a piece of art in your garden, isn't it? Beautiful arrangement!


Shhh...While I'm not enamored all that much with the heat this summer, I'm also not quite ready for the"f" word.

Linda Brazill

Jenny — I have to agree with you. I am hoping for a beautiful Sept. and Oct. to make up for all the hot weather weve had so far. Its very lightly raining at the moment. Supposed to really rain tomorrow which I am looking forward to. 

Barbara — I like your attitude. If I think of it as art that means I dont have to clean it up!


It's raining here too, which is certainly a very good thing. I actually really like rainy summer days - something we've been short on this summer. Rain, rain, rain away!

Lisa at Greenbow

I am sure ready for fall...especially if it brings rain. I am sick of this heat and drought. Little signs of fall are creeping in here too. Leaves are falling in droves. Of course the drought is partly to blame. The days are getting shorter. School supplies are out in the stores. Definitely fall-like.

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