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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


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Barbara H.

I love this hosta. I was able to bring some with me from Portland when I moved and they are doing well here in the shade. My flowers opened yesterday - I need to get over and take a deep sniff!

Lisa at Greenbow

I have this hosta too. It is a beauty when blooming and is tough as a chunk of iron. It grows through most any circumstance. So few blooms are being made in my garden this year. I am just glad they are surviving the drought...so far.

Linda Brazill

Lisa — I noticed this, too. Hostas and daylilies both had many fewer flowers than normal. Even though they seem to be surviving. Guess thats where they are putting all their energy!

Barbara — Nice to be able to bring along an old friend from your former garden. That fact that it grows in both locations is a testament to what a workhorse plant it it.


The hostas get eaten by slugs in our garden. This weather is causing some confusion in the natural world isn't it?

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