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Friday, August 10, 2012


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I have been fascinated by the drought's effect on individual plants in my garden. The bed of pulmonaria, in a half day of hot, bright sun, was better than ever this year (it was a disaster last year). One of six miniature astilbes went crispy - the others were fine. Irish moss barely needed water?? Flax continued to bloom. Each nasturtium plant struggled with three sickly leaves.

Lisa at Greenbow

We have had a touch of rain lately. My garden has not rejuvinated quite yet. I am not surprised that the 'ghost' painted fern is the one that survived. I can't even get the regular purplish one to grow in my garden. I depend on 'ghost'. I hope this cooler weather and more rain on the way makes your garden lovely for the tourists.


I'm so glad to hear that your recent welcome rains have revived the garden. I hope rainfall continues normally for you now.


What a beautiful fern, so delicate looking. I have always loved ferns though.

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