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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


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I've had the same experience with the plants you mention, although I've been watering regularly since my plants are only 1-2 years in ground. Other things that are real troopers in terms of bloom: hellebores (which have been blooming for me since late winter non-stop), California poppies (annuals fr seed and still blooming), dropmore scarlet honeysuckle. We finally put in a cheap tinker-toy irrigation system (the day before it rained). It's FABULOUS! Much more efficient than hand watering.

Linda Brazill

Corrie — Youre right about the Hellebores. Mine look great and even the ones I just put in this Spring are doing OK. Also forgot to mention daylilies. They are starting to look ratty now but I noticed the ones I cut back are already showing new green growth.


The Queen Anne's Lace and the Chicory is really pretty in the picture, though. :0)


I am so grateful the weather gods, or goddesses, have given us regular rains this summer. In fact, it is getting rather weedy around here.

Cindy at enclos*ure

In Rwanda, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that the summer temperatures have been about perfect, but I went back to my notes from last summer in Washington, DC -- also above average -- and found that my Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal,' lamb's ear, and Rudbeckia lacinata were looking good. The neighbor's oak leaf hydrangeas were great, but my blue mop heads looked terrible, despite daily watering. I am going to pull them out when I return.

Not only are hellebores tough in heat, they are very deer-resistant.

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