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Monday, July 02, 2012


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Our mostly shaded lawn has now begun to turn brown and I think I've only mowed three times. Even the weeds are starting to look crispy. I second the "we need rain" thoughts.

Oh, and tree stumps. Love tree stumps for sitting!

Linda Brazill

I looked in my garden journal for last summer and saw that at our house we had about 2 inches of rain in June and the same in July. This year weve had less than half an inch in June so I am getting more than a little concerned (and crabby). Even if we would have a cloudy day or a cooler spell so it wasnt so relentlessly hot and sunny. I am definitely not a California girl!

Mark and Gaz

I love the atmosphere captured by your photo, simply delightful.

Lisa at Greenbow

We had much the same weather in June. Driest ever. Last night a terrible storm came through. 91mph winds, hail, two limbs down, without electric for 6 hours and one inch of rain. A high price for one inch of rain. I was thrilled to get it though. Your garden looks beautiful even with the drought.

Linda Brazill

Your weather event is what I am afraid will happen here!

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