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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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Barbara H.

Oh yeah! That can be the sweetest sound in the world. I hope this means that your weather pattern is breaking up.

Lisa at Greenbow

What a glorious sound this would be. Lucky you. I hope the drought is broken in your area and the moisture will trickle down here. I can't believe the temps you have been having. Here we get these temps from time to time but never ever this many days with such drought. I can't believe people are out playing in this heat anyway. The poor grass is fighting for it's life.


Color me jealous. No rain down here this morning and my hydrangea that's been planted in the same spot for more than five years is wilting again. We got 9/10" last week, but that's been about it.

On a related not, I love the link to the UW Ext. This wasn't the best summer to build a rain gauge with the kids.

Scott Weber

Woohoo!!! Rain!!! So glad for you...hope you get a bit more too :-)


"How to talk to your kids about drought"? It's gotten that bad?


I'm glad to hear you had rain. We did too, Tuesday into the overnight hours: 1.1". It's cooled off too, thank goodness.

I hope more rains follow, and less heat.

Julie Siegel

Yippee for you from another weather-obsessed plant person in Chicago! We got fabulous rain yesterday, but farmers are still in the lurch...and the larger drought conditions remain.

Linda Brazill

Julie and Altoon — We had a heavy storm system go through last night while we were out touring gardens. Drove home through high winds and blinding rain. No trees or limbs down and some water in the basement —  mostly because we forgot to check the gutters which we usually do on a regular basis. Since were surrounded by locust trees those little leaves really clog the gutters. 

Rained more over night so we got almost 3 inches since yesterday morning. Mark took pix this a.m. and he found trees that have been stressed and burned in the last few days even though weve been watering a lot. This will help us in the garden but it may be too late, as you say, for the farmers.

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