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Saturday, July 14, 2012


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Lisa at Greenbow

What a treat in this crummy weather this summer. I hope all your garden survives. Our county has been declared a disaster area. The farmers are brushhogging their fields. SAD. My garden isn't quite that bad but I have been able to water some of it.


Even though my garden is in zone 8, I can't seem to get this plant to bloom. I read that it needed to be root bound, and I have not divided it ever. The fact that a Mercedes ground the foliage to the ground probably did not help. I wish you rain for GBBD.

Barbara H.

I'm so sorry about your drought conditions. In my area it finally started raining again, just in time, but counties all around us haven't been so lucky. We're still far behind on our normal rainfall. That's a beautiful shot of the Agapanthus.


At least you have a small consolation from the terrible weather. Here's hoping for rain!


Thanks for all your comments.

We are still not as bad here as Lisa, so I am afraid to think about how bad it might get. Warm weather truncated the maple syrup season, warm followed by frost killed the cherry crop and now heat and drought has pretty much axed the corn crop. I am guessing folks are "brushhogging" around here as well.

Waiting for rain and continuing to water. So far the city has not told us to stop.


What a shame we have got all the rain over here in Britain this spring and summer, and you have none - wish I could send you some, I have much more than I need! It has rained practically every day for 3 months, my garden is 4-5 weeks late and I am desparate for some sun...

Patsy Bell Hobson

It is heart breaking for a gardener to wait all year for beautiful blooms and get a no show. Agapanthus are a favorite of mine.


Lovely blue--such a pretty photo! Wishing you much needed rain. This is the first time in years that SC hasn't been completely parched in mid-July. Still, our lakes are low and we always need more rain. Hoping some sprinkles head your way soon.

Debbie Teashon

I wish I could give you our over abundance of rain this year. We need to stop being rain hogs! Thanks for the beautiful pics of your garden and hoping you get more rain!

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