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Thursday, July 05, 2012


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Lisa at Greenbow

Believe me we feel your pain down here in SW IN. Scary dry.
They moved us to the D4 last week. I think that is the worst it can be. How long it will last?? We will just have to wait and see.

Linda Brazill

Lisa — We are only D1 and it seems dreadful, so I cant imagine what its like for you. Im watering the garden but, even though I usually leave the sprinklers on for an hour and then move them so they overlap, its dry so deep that it just doesnt penetrate. Things that look good one day are completely flopped and stressed the next day. From what Ive been reading, it sounds like this is kaput for the corn crop. 


I had to chuckle when I saw this post turn up in my RSS reader because I had *just* been on that exact same website the night before. Apparently we all have rain on the brain.

I don't have a great number of plants that I'm concerned about keeping alive and I am trying to avoid certain areas to see if the Burdock will die back on its own, but at this point it's become a matter of necessity. Yesterday I had to get the hydrangea watered because it was looking very droopy. Today I bought a different sprinkler. I was one of 5 or so people in the aisle and the guy who was stocking the shelves at Farm & Fleet said they've been selling loads of them every day.

I often wonder when folks at the stores and such are going to start watering the trees and bushes in their parking lots. There are so many of them that look like they desperately need it!

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