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Thursday, May 10, 2012


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Barbara H.

Oh my gosh, Linda, what a fantastic plant! It reminds me of Matilija Poppy, Romneya coulteri. I saw a stand of those in full bloom over at the Oregon coast quite a few years ago when I still lived in Portland and fell in love, but they weren't successful in propagating them, though I think they sold seeds.


Gorgeous! does it have a scent?

Linda Brazill

Barb — I, too, saw a stand of those poppies twenty years ago on the West Coast. Once seen, never forgotten. 

Linda Brazill

Altoon — Alas, not much of a scent. I notice with many of the newer peonies it seems like breeders lost the scent when they went for unusual colors like yellow and salmon. My old, highly scented peonies are so shaded out that I only get a couple of flowers anymore.

Lisa at Greenbow

What a beauty. I only have one peony and it is a tree type. I don't like it. It was supposed to be purple and it is pink as can be. Your white one is gorgeous.


Maybe just simply call it "Ellen".

I am surprised at the vigor.

Linda Brazill

Lisa — I sympathize with you! After visiting Song Sparrow nursery when the tree peonies were blooming, I decided that I would only order one if I had a chance to see the real thing before ordering. The colors were so varied — and there were a lot that I definitely did not like.

Marja Hosk

Lovely! I have one of these in Sweden, so wonderful and going to blossom with 12 flowers soon. They are very fragrant after raining, love them!!!

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