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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


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Wow, these women are an inspiration! Let's all advance on old age with style and vigor.


I regularly check on Sart and Garance - and they're a couple! And I love gardens, so I enjoy yours too.

Thanks for the tip on this "advanced style". We can only hope that in our old age, we will not lose any kind of style at all.

Advanced Style

I absolutely love your blogs and the different topics you cover. I love this advanced sytle. The first woman looks vibrant. Not too bad for her age. The woman of 98 is quite an inspiration. I definitely need to keep up..

Lisa at Greenbow

It is obvious that these women never stopped working on their wardrobes. Beautiful!


Holy cow, how inspiring! Guts, I need to remember to retain some guts when I get to that certain age. And I need to keep up with yoga!

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