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Thursday, May 27, 2010


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Lisa at Greenbow

This place is an inspiration. I will not look at my rock in the same way for quite awhile. What an engineering feat to get those flat rocks stacked like a big urn too. That serpetine wall is something else. I like that flower made of rock too. I will be seeing if I can get a flower like this to bloom in my garden.


Rocks is right! I also have done quite a bit of rock work, and found loads of inspiration from these photos. The daisy shape in the gravel looks doable and easy. Lucky you are to live within driving distance to both of these fine establishments. :-)

Barbara H.

Love it all! Thank you!


It is indeed inspiring to see the inventive paths and structures in this garden. I especially love the big round structure, which reminds me of ancient beehive houses.
(what's with the giraffes in the background of the serpentine wall?)


The giraffes are huge metal sculptures leading to their growing fields and overflow parking.


Incredible gardens (website) and the stone work is remarkable. gail


lovely stonework indeed - very goldsworthy-esque.


Stunning! The rocks and the entire farm look romantic. And it will look even more attractive if I'll visit it one day. Haha! :p

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