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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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Mark's photos are lovely as always, even when the subject is somewhat somber and you're both winter-weary. It's interesting to see the different ways your plants hold up under the snow, and how fresh some of them are when they re-emerge.

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I agree with Pam, Mark's photos are lovely. I was wondering if he was able to capture shots of the garden when it was foggy? Those light conditions are the hardest for me. Sedges are a gift~even the ones considered weeds give a lot of color to a winter garden. gail


I love watching the snow retreat and plants emerge; it's been so warm here in northern Vermont that my borders are already free of snow and daffodils are poking up. The only greens, however, are mosses.

Lisa at Greenbow

There is hope. I see a little green beginning to pop up there. I still have a lot of dead stuff that needs to be taken up. I am working on it. It is 54F today. Yahoo and the sun is shining.


I love seeing a northern view of foliage at this time of year. Very interesting which ones hold their green. I hope your large Korean maple makes it.


Since I live in a snow-free area, I am amazed that any plant can survive that much cold and snow. Or people, for that matter - lol. Interesting pictures of how the snow affects different plants.


I am glad to see the snow is receeding and bits of green are peeking through. Nature does have an amazing way of surviving what would surely be the death of the rest of us. I hope your garden fared well this winter...my fingers are crossed.

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