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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Pam/Digging (Austin)

The house color does make a huge difference in the way the quiet, reflective garden is perceived. I really enjoy small water features like this and will be incorporating one in my new garden. I like the way, in constructing yours, you used Western and local materials while following Japanese tradition.


I joked with Mark that if the house had been sided yellow and the color could not have been changed, it would have been a deal-breaker when we bought the house. We call it the "stealth house" because it's such a dark green it's almost black. Little water features like this add so much without as much work and expense.

I am really enjoying watching your circle garden come together.


Especially as it was your idea. ;-)


It looks great, I love the serenity.And I like the way you don't feel obliged to slavishly copy some traditional model, but are influenced and choose what you like.


Pam — I just gave you a little help to pull the parts together. So many blogs are mostly about flowers and I am really interested in the design and building end of gardening — as you can tell from these Wednesday posts. That's one of the reasons I like your blog; you're showing how it all comes together.

Lisa at Greeenbow

I Said: This is a marvelous garden. I have always liked the Japanese garden style but I also like it that you have kept it more personal than the traditional Japanese gardens seem to me. Sometimes they are too severe for my tastes. You have a beautifully executed Japanese style garden.


Catmint — I will enjoy watching your progress as you prepare for the visitors. You are certainly dealing with some real climate issues and I liked the article you mentioned. I am trying to be more realistic about how many high maintenance areas one gardener can manage! The area described here just takes a few quick clips with the pruners and a periodic re-raking of the gravel into a new pattern and it looks good.


She said: Thanks Lisa! We decided that it would look too silly if our garden was totally "Japanese," since we live in the Midwest and aren't Japanese. So figuring out personal versions of their concepts has worked pretty well.

Sarah Laurence

I enjoy how you’ve incorporated elements of a Japanese garden and made them your own. Good choice on the house color change. The effect is lovely.


HI Sarah! We actually drove around til we saw a house whose color we liked, rang the bell and asked if we could hold up color chips to get a sense of dark house colors. Since someone had done the same thing to us, I didn't feel so silly!


This post is as much a treasure as the gorgeous space you have created. I'm really grateful to see the process, to understand the collaboration that helps make the decisions, and know that it doesn't happen overnight! I'm dying to make a simple stone path to our backyard, and yours has shown me that a mix of stones can look great (our budget is 0 and we're probably moving in a year, so nearly all of it will need to be found or scavenged). Thanks again.


Thanks, Lynn. We did as much recycling and scavenging as possible, which helped. And we gave ourselves ten years which also helped to see the big picture and do things as we had a little money.

Just a Plane Ride Away

Wow--what a labour of love! I imagine you've spent many many relaxing hours in your beautiful garden.


Hi, "Ride"! It is a labor of love plus more than a bit of obsession. I should also note that we don't have children or it would be impossible to do this in terms of time or money.

PS — I've visited your blog and also recognize you as a commenter from Pigtown.


Nice to see someone who really knows their subject. Good work on this.

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Sara swain

the garden is looking great, im in the process of creating a bamboo water feature in a DIY style, hopefully it will look like a profession job like this but at the moment that a long way off

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